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Things to do in Acworth Georgia


Things to do in Alpharetta, Ga.


Things to do in Austell, Georgia


Things to do in Braselton, GA


Things to do in Brookhaven, GA


Things are always bustling in Buckhead

Buford/ Sugar Hill/ Suwanee

Things to do in Buford, Sugar Hill and Suwanee, GA


Things to do in Canton, GA


Things to do in Cartersville, GA


Things to do in Chamblee and Doraville, GA

Clayton County

Things to do in Clayton County, Ga.

Cobb County

Things to do in Marietta, Ga., and Cobb County.

College Park

Things to do in College Park, GA


Things to do in Conyers, GA


Things to do in Cumming, GA


Things to do in Dacula, GA


Things to do in Dawsonville, GA

Decatur/Avondale Estates

Things to do in Decatur, GA

DeKalb County

Things to do in DeKalb County GA


Things to do in Douglasville, GA


Things to do in downtown Atlanta

Druid Hills/Emory

Things to do in Atlanta's Druid Hills neighborhood


Things to do in Duluth, GA


Things to do in Dunwoody, Ga.

East Atlanta

Things to do in East Atlanta Village

East Cobb

Things to do in East Cobb

East Point

Things to do in East Point, GA


Things to do in Gainesville, GA

Gwinnett County

Things to do in Gwinnett County

Intown Atlanta

Things to do in Downtown and close-in Atlanta neighborhoods.

Johns Creek

Things to do in Johns Creek, GA


Things to do in Jonesboro, GA


Things to do in Kennesaw Ga.


Things to do in Lawrenceville, GA


Things to do in Lithona, Ga. and south DeKalb County


Things to do in Mableton, GA


Things to do in Marietta, GA


Things to in Midtown Atlanta


Things to do in Milton, Ga. and north Fulton County

Morningside/Lenox Park

Things to do in Atlanta's Morningside neighborhood


Things to do in Morrow, GA


Things to do in Newnan, GA


Things to in Norcross, GA.

Northwest Atlanta

Things to do in northwest Atlanta

Peachtree City

Things to do in Peachtree City, GA

Powder Springs

Things to do in Powder Springs, GA


Festivals and things to do in Roswell, Ga.

Sandy Springs

Things to do in Sandy Springs, Ga.


Things to do in Smyrna and Vinings, GA


Things to do in Snellville, GA

South Fulton County

Things to do in south Fulton County

Southwest Atlanta

Things to do in southwest Atlanta


Things to do in Stockbridge, GA

Stone Mountain

Things to do in Stone Mountain, GA


Things to do in Tucker, Ga., home of Northlake Mall.


Things to do in Virginia-Highland neighborhood in Atlanta


Things to do in Woodstock, GA.
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  • A New Zealand teenager with measles visited Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in August and may have exposed others to the highly contagious disease. >> Read more trending news  The Orange County Health Care Agency told The Associated Press it they believe the exposure occurred Aug. 12 at both Disneyland and the Disney California Adventure Park as well as some other popular tourist destinations. The agency and KTLA provided the tourist locations where people may have been exposed: Aug. 11, 2019 (between 9:00 p.m.–11:30 p.m.) -- Los Angeles International Airport, Terminal 8  Aug. 11 – 15, 2019 -- Desert Palms Hotel, Anaheim Aug. 12, 2019 -- Disneyland Park and California Adventure, Anaheim Aug. 14, 2019 -- Universal Studios Aug. 15, 2019 -- TCL Chinese Theatres Aug. 15, 2019 -- Madame Tussauds Aug. 15, 2019 -- The Original Farmers Market Aug. 15, 2019 -- Santa Monica Pier and Beach Aug. 15, 2019 (between 6:00 p.m.–11:59 p.m.) -- Los Angeles International Airport, Tom Bradley International Terminal  The girl remained in Southern California through Aug. 15 and has since returned to New Zealand, said Dr. Nichole Quick, the county’s health care officer. The agency said it has been working with the facilities to reach people who had close contact with the girl. There are no current reports that anyone has contracted measles from the teen, Quick said. Disneyland officials on Friday said no employees at the theme park were reported to have contracted the illness. Dr. Pamela Hymel, Disneyland’s chief medical officer, said in a statement that health officials said the risk to employees and visitors “is likely low.” The park boosted an existing immunization program earlier this year for employees, she said. The Orange County health agency says people who may have been exposed should monitor themselves for symptoms such as fever and rash occurring up to 21 days from exposure. Quick urged anyone who has symptoms to call their health care provider before going to the doctor to avoid additional exposures. People are also urged to check their records to determine if they have been vaccinated or previously had measles. The Associated Press contributed to this report.
  • A Missouri veterinarian had to use a bone saw to remove a nylon toy that got wedged into a choking dog's mouth. >> Read more trending news  Amy Walsh brought in her 2-year-old golden doodle Bentley, after he was unable to close his mouth and started choking on a toy made by Lumabone, WDAF reported.  'I guess it was the way he bit down on it. He had one of the holes of the bottom part wrapped around his jaw and his bottom teeth to dislodge it,' Walsh told WDAF. “I was terrified. I love him. He's my favorite pup-pup that I look forward to coming home to. I didn’t know if I was going to lose him.” The toymaker warns owners to keep an eye on their pets while they are chewing on the toys. Lumabone has taken that particular toy off the market, WDAF reported.  'This particular toy, it was kind of a rough finish,” David Leighr, owner of Long Veterinary Clinic, told WDAF. “It was difficult to slip it in and out of his mouth. Once it got lodged in there, it was hard to slip out.' 
  • The National Transportation Safety Board released a preliminary report on the plane crash that NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his family escaped last week. >> Read more trending news  The report says airport surveillance video captured the initial touchdown on the runway at the airport in Elizabethton, Tennessee, and parts of the accident. It says the plane bounced twice then went airborne down the runway until it touched down a third time. The plane’s right landing gear collapsed, and the right wing contacted the runway. Then, the report says the plane ran off the runway, through a grassy area, down an embankment and through a fence, coming to a stop on a highway. The flight crew secured the engines and helped Earnhardt; his wife, Amy; their 15-month-old daughter, Isla; and the family dog get off the plane. The report says a fire was in progress during the evacuation.  No one was seriously hurt. The pilot and co-pilot reported that they attempted a go-around after the second bounce, but the plane didn’t respond as expected. The private plane was registered under JR Motorsports in Mooresville. The plane had taken off about 20 minutes before the crash from Statesville. The NTSB report says the pilot flying the plane had reported 5,800 hours total flight experience, including 765 hours on the plane that crashed. The co-pilot reported 11,000 hours total flight experience, including 1,165 hours on the plane that crashed. A cause for the crash has not been released. It’s unclear when a final report on the accident will be complete.
  • In a series of tweets Friday, President Donald Trump announced new retaliatory tariffs against China, bumping up taxes by 5 percentage points.  >> MORE: China, Trump ratchet up tensions with new tariffs >> Read more trending news  Here’s a look at trade tariffs and what they do. What is a tariff? A tariff is a tax on imports or exports that increases their prices. Tariffs are used by governments to make foreign products less attractive to consumers in order to protect domestic industries from competition. Money collected under a tariff is called a duty or customs duty. What types of tariffs are there?There are two types of tariffs – an ad valorem tariff and a specific tariff. An ad valorem tariff is a tariff that is a fixed percentage of the value of an imported good. If the price of the imported good goes up, the ad valorem tariff goes up. If it goes down, the tariff goes down. For instance, if a company exports an item to the United States costing $50 and the ad valorem tariff on that product is 20 percent, the company would have to pay the tariff -- $10 in this case -- to export the product to the U.S. If the price of the item goes up to $75, the company will have to pay a tariff of $15 to sell the item in the US. A specific tariff is a fixed amount of money placed on the item no matter the cost. Say there is a $20 specific tariff on that $50 item. The company exporting the item to the US would have to pay $20 to sell the item in the U.S. If the item goes up in cost to $75, the company will still have to pay $20 to export the item. Why should I care if the US government puts a tariff on items? The manufacturer pays for that, right? Sure, manufacturers pay the tariff upfront, but the cost of the tariff will be passed along to the consumer. Or, if the cost of the tariff is too high for those exporting goods, then they stop exporting goods. Tariffs affect the cost of goods you buy, and the U.S. buys many more products than it sells. So, why slap tariffs on goods if it will hurt the US consumer? The theory is that as goods made by people outside the U.S. get more expensive, manufacturers within the country will either increase their production of the product or other companies will begin to produce the product, thus strengthening the U.S. economy.
  • A man who survived five days lost in the wilderness on the Montana-Idaho border said he pulled through, in part, because he promised his pregnant wife he'd return home safe. >> Read more trending news  Kaden Laga, 25, of Utah, was backpacking with his family when one of their horses went lame, Laga told KPAX-TV. Laga volunteered to hike ahead of the group to the trailhead. But he took a wrong turn and wasn't able to find the trail. After a few hours, Laga realized he was lost. Hours turned into days. On his first night alone, Laga was wet and cold, and didn't think he'd survive. He wrote a text to his wife, Arden, on his phone. “I wrote a little text in case they found my body cold,” he told KSTU-TV. “I just said, ‘In case I don’t make it out of here, I love you. I loved my life with you and I’m so sorry I left you to be a single mom.’” But Laga said he was determined to be reunited with his family. Before he had left on the trip, Arden had told him, 'You better promise me that you come home safe,'' Laga told KSTU-TV. Laga drank water from streams and ate berries and crickets. One day, he noticed helicopters flying overhead. “I’m like, 'This is it, they’re going to get me,' and they just take off into the other direction,” he said. Laga realized the searchers couldn't see him, so he continued hiking to try to find a way out. Finally, around 1 a.m. on Aug. 16, he stumbled upon a campsite. Volunteers helped Laga down the mountain, and he was reunited with his family the next day. Laga kept his promise to his wife. The couple told KPAX-TV they plan to name their baby boy after one of the rescuers.
  • An irate customer was arrested Tuesday after pounding on a fast-food restaurant’s drive-thru window while threatening employees and yelling obscenities, police said. >> Read more trending news  Jonathan Gullett, 31, was upset about an order around 10 p.m. and was asked to leave a fast-food restaurant at Nitro Marketplace, WSAZ reported. Police said Gullett placed a drive-thru order, pulled around and paid. As he was waiting, he started yelling and hitting the drive-thru window.  When the manager opened it, Gullett told her he was upset about items missing from an order earlier in the day. The manager asked to see a receipt. He did not have one, so she told him there was nothing she could do.  This made Gullet more upset, investigators said. The manager shut the window, called 911 and showed Gullet the phone. Gullett drove off, parked at a nearby restaurant and walked back, police said. The manager locked the restaurant doors before Gullett returned.  When investigators arrived, Gullett was pounding on the drive-thru window, blocking customers, shouting obscenities and yelling about how he wanted to kill the restaurant employees, WSAZ reported.  Gullett was arrested and charged with threats of terrorist acts. He is being held on $5,000 bail.